Keith Foo: Believe In Yourself and Change Your Life for the Better

Malaysian Actor Keith Foo chats with Property360 Digest about his non-stop commitment to his bundle of joy while keeping up with his passion for the film industry.

Fathers are the pillars of strength in building a child’s personal growth and development. Especially for a daughter, her father is her pillar of relationship and emotional support. In this story, we interviewed Malaysian actor, Keith Foo notable for movies like Coma, Pengantin

Pantai Biru and Spy in Love.

Here, he gives Property360Digest an insight on his views on property investment, his life as an uprising actor in the industry and being a father to a lovely daughter who is his life’s biggest passion of all.

So, get comfortable and take a glimpse into the life of Keith Foo where you will discover that a father’s love knows no bounds, and sacrifice becomes the ultimate language of love.

Humble Beginnings

Born in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan, Keith Foo aged 36, began his acting career in commercials at a very young age of 12. Having spent a year in Hong Kong and 10 years in Indonesia, Keith acted in various Indonesian and Malaysian dramas and lms, including, Mati Suri (Coma).

“My first movie was called Mati Suri and it was filmed and produced in Indonesia. Mati Suri means Coma. It is a movie based on someone who met with an accident, went into a coma and suffered from bad dreams while comatose. A very scary movie indeed,” said Keith who played the leading actor in the movie.

Ambitious and charming, Keith tries to balance up his lifestyle with exercise while pursuing his dreams as an actor and being a father to a young two-year-old daughter.

“I do not really have time to relax but I try to balance up my lifestyle with exercise. I find that exercise is important to keep me focused and alert. Every day I wake up at 4.30 am to go for my morning run so I usually go to bed early,” shared Keith.

With so many things on his plate, he added that it is necessary to change his lifestyle to balance his daily life. A doting father, Keith loves spending time with his daughter and is not afraid of making sacrifices and changing his lifestyle to provide the best for his family.

“I am still learning the whole process of being an actor and balancing my time as an actor as well as a father. I find that you must have discipline in whatever you do. You learn as you progress and grow and building character is how well you handle yourself in any role or situation,” explained Keith.

Certainly, his statement above shows us that Keith’s acting career was one of hard work and perseverance. He added that while some are born with the natural ability to act, there are also some who start o slow and not so natural, but with discipline and persistence, people around them will eventually notice what they have to offer and be more willing to help them out.

Guide to investing in properties

The talented actor admits that he is still learning on how to invest in properties and would like to learn more from Property360Digest on this newly acquired knowledge. Keith stated that he prefers landed properties as it offers more space but because he has a young daughter and is not always around due to his busy schedule, he has become more acceptive of high-rise properties as the latter offers better security for his daughter’s protection.

Speaking about the locale, Keith shared that he is interested to purchase a property in Subang Jaya as he is most familiar with the area as his parents also reside in the area.

“I am still keeping my options open so maybe Property360 Digest could give me more insights on this. Besides Subang Jaya, I also find that Bandar Sri Sendayan is a great place for investment in terms of its offering as a mixed township.

Sometimes people worry about having to travel to work from Seremban but I find that public transportation has improved massively over the years hence Bandar Sri Sendayan is a place that I am considering to invest in,” said Keith.

When asked about his thoughts on the 'rent-to-own' and 'property crowdfunding' options that have recently been introduced to the public, he said that while rent to own and crowdfunding can be considered a good choice of investment for those who do not have the ability to put down a huge down payment or to obtain a loan from the bank, one needs to evaluate the risks involved before they venture into anything.

Everything has its own risk, whether you are investing into a property, business or even into making a movie, hence it is crucial to evaluate everything properly by doing research and gathering information before making any investment decisions.

Future Plans

Other than investing in properties, Keith Foo has a line-up of exciting projects underway. He has a new movie coming out scheduled to hit the big screens sometime next year. “We shot the movie about a year ago in Wales and it will be releasing soon. I also have a couple of telemovies coming out this year and there are a couple of new projects scheduled for shooting soon. One of it will be in Malaysia, another in Istanbul and the other in Scotland,” shared Keith.

Even though he is passionate about acting, the actor admits that he does not have a favourite genre of movie as he generally watches movies to understand the character better, how they role-play the characters and how the entire film was shot.

“I am just curious about what goes on behind the scene,” explains Keith.

As for those who love nothing more than watching iflix on lazy weekends, Keith shares that there will be a Season Two series coming up on iflix called KL Gangster Underworld 2.

“I will be shooting this series on 8 November 2019 and once I am done with that, I have a 26 episodes project with RTM and after that, I have another drama coming up very soon. Therefore, I will be pretty occupied until next year May,” said the handsome actor with a smile.

Keith’s ending note to his fans is that although he has not been on screen for quite some time, 2020 is the year to watch out for him hitting the big screen.

“I am going to be in your face. But thank you so much for your support and I will continue to do my best by giving you my best acting. Thank you to all my fans out there!”

This was indeed an experience for me that I will never forget. The interview with Keith Foo was surreal and utmost exciting. He is a very passionate person, very humble and very well-spoken. To what I could see, he is a remarkable father with great character and a genuine persona of intellectual characteristics.

Myself, on behalf of Property360Digest, would like to thank Keith for this cover piece and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Looking forward to seeing more of him on screens soon.

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