Juliana Teh: Leading by Example

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Juliana chats with Property360 Digest and shares her entrepreneurship journey in the real estate industry.

Juliana Teh, a very prominent property agent personality in Subang Jaya, joined the real estate industry in 1998 during the Asian financial crisis, upon losing her job. She was introduced to the real estate industry through her girlfriend at this point even though Juliana had no team.

Through hard work and perseverance, Juliana met up with a lot of clients who provided her with a list of potential clients. With this list; Juliana embarked on her journey in the real estate industry as a property agent.

“I started from scratch with the passion that I had for the industry and my eagerness to learn from other agents. It so happened that I had a complete listing at that time, so I just did the necessary cold calling diligently, hanging up signboards and even designing my signage,” says Juliana.

Juliana’s prospecting territory is USJ 1, Subang Jaya, but she does other areas within the catchment too sometimes. In response to how she sources for new listing, Juliana shared that she sources for new listings from the newspapers and sometimes even buys new leads from other agents.

“Normally, once I serve a client, they will recommend me to another and that is how my listing grows. They usually recommend my service to friends, relatives, colleagues and also staff. So, this is how I gather my list”, she added.

How to Close a Deal Successfully

In any industry, what we want is to close a deal right away but rationally, at first, we have to do our homework. For instance, in the property agent industry, some homeowners urgently need to sell a property which means that the property will most likely be priced below market rate.

She added that even though the economy is not so good at the moment, there are still many home buyers who are still shopping around since there are more choices and varieties to choose from. Hence one of Juliana’s practices is to filter out which homeowner would be more flexible in terms of pricing.

She understands that many people are selling their houses under different

circumstances. There may be some who are less flexible as they are not in a hurry to sell while there are also those who require money urgently and will be willing to sell their house at a lower price, hence being more flexible with pricing.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Juliana is a good example that successful people start their day early. She usually wakes up at 6 am and will start the day by inspecting those properties that carries her signboards, after which she will head out for her appointments.

She is thankful for the support from her family and makes it a point to always notify them in the event she is delayed in the evenings due to several appointments.

“Normally I will try to get home before 7.30 pm, but do get delayed sometimes due to the after-work rush hour traffic. It does help that most of the time I can do my correspondence through my mobile phone. There have also been instances where I closed a deal over the mobile without having to meet my client for the second round over.

I believe that good interaction between you and your client is equally as important as the

service you provide them with,” said Juliana.

Tips for Those Who Want to Join the Real Estate Industry as a Property Agent

First of all, you need to have a passion for real estate. “If you love the real estate industry, you can achieve the impossible”, noted Juliana. She went on to explain that over the last 20 years, she has utmost gratitude for those who have guided throughout her journey in the real estate industry.

When there is urgency to sell the property, I will forward the details of the property clients who are in my list and alert them on the price drop (for instance if the market price is about RM500K but owner is selling below market at RM380K. This allows me to for the correct buyer who has the buying power. This is how I sell properties successfully.

She has put her foot into not just the residential to commercial sectors, but also land sales as well as had the opportunity to sell hotels and warehouses.

“One of the biggest warehouse deals that I ever closed was a recent 5,500 sq ft unit at RM8500 rental. This honestly inspired and motivated me. Not everyone can succeed in such circumstances but if you are persistent and show sincerity and integrity then I am sure people out there will give you the opportunity,” said Juliana.

She added that while some good luck and timing are crucial, it is also necessary to develop a close relationship with clients by listening to them and understanding their needs and concerns.

This will surely score some good points in the success wagon.

Moving into the future

Juliana would like to concentrate more on warehouse prospecting. She finds that there are so many nice warehouses available in Malaysia. The challenge here is that warehouses are a whole different ball game compared to residential and commercial property marketing in terms of the price factor.

Warehouse rentals and selling prices are on the higher end, which shrinks the prospective clientele to a very niche market.

“When I stepped into the warehouse prospecting, I began connecting with CEOs and MDs. They are the key people when it comes to deal closures. In my experience, I realized that It is crucial to provide them with the correct facts and figures for them to be more open to explore these opportunities with me,” concluded Juliana.

Juliana is a real estate negotiator with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Based in Malaysia, Juliana was recently conferred the Million Dollar Roof Top (MDRT) award, in recognition of her body of work and achievements. Do feel free to contact Juliana at 0163318080 for property listing services.

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